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September 22, 2005

前两天,看到Google Blog中的一篇文章 - "Googlebombing 'failure'",很有意思:

If you do a Google search on the word [failure] or the phrase [miserable failure Flexeril For Sale, ], the top result is currently the White House’s official biographical page for President Bush. We've received some complaints recently from users who assume that this reflects a political bias on our part, purchase Flexeril for sale. Flexeril results, I'd like to explain how these results come up in order to allay these concerns.

Google's search results are generated by computer programs that rank web pages in large part by examining the number and relative popularity of the sites that link to them. By using a practice called googlebombing, order Flexeril from United States pharmacy, Where to buy Flexeril, however, determined pranksters can occasionally produce odd results, order Flexeril online overnight delivery no prescription. Flexeril pharmacy, In this case, a number of webmasters use the phrases [failure] and [miserable failure] to describe and link to President Bush's website, buy Flexeril from canada, Herbal Flexeril, thus pushing it to the top of searches for those phrases. We don't condone the practice of googlebombing, australia, uk, us, usa, Real brand Flexeril online, or any other action that seeks to affect the integrity of our search results, but we're also reluctant to alter our results by hand in order to prevent such items from showing up, japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal. Flexeril without a prescription, Pranks like this may be distracting to some, but they don't affect the overall quality of our search service, Flexeril dosage, Flexeril trusted pharmacy reviews, whose objectivity, as always, Flexeril without prescription, Low dose Flexeril, remains the core of our mission.

由于Googlebombing,当你搜索"failure"或者"miserable failure"的时候,布什的名字会出现在搜索结果的第一条,不过Google不愿意去为了防止这样的结果而进行人工干预。

这是题外话了,不过让我想起了Hengge说的:"Google, 总是有那么一点不一样"。

前天,Google悄悄发布了Google Wifi,很多人猜测这可能是Google看中的又一个方向。Google提供给你免费的WiFi接入,代价是获取你的访问信息,比如你身处何地。得到这些信息,Google可以把附近的餐馆、酒店、超市(甚至超市里面的商品)等广告推送给你,再加上Google MapsGoogle本地搜索,我在想,也许这就是Google所设计的一种广告模式。


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