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CPPUnit Lite是一个非常简单的C++ UnitTest库,比较适合做一些小型的UT。基本概念来说,也是”期待与实际相比较“的经典JUnit模式,不过如何在C++上实现还是比较有意思的。

1) Sample

Celexa For Sale, [code lang="cpp"]
int main(int argc, char **argv)
if(argc == 0)
printf("%s", argv[0]);
TestResult tr;
return 0;

TEST(AddTest, Caculator)
int iResult = 1+1;


2) How it works?

[code lang="cpp"]
class Test
Test (const SimpleString& testName);

virtual void run (TestResult& result) = 0;

void setNext(Test *test);
Test *getNext () const;


bool check (long expected, long actual, TestResult& result);
bool check (const SimpleString& expected, const SimpleString& actual, TestResult& result);

SimpleString name_;
Test *next_;


Test::Test (const SimpleString& testName)
: name_ (testName)
TestRegistry::addTest (this);

#define TEST(testName, testGroup)\
class testGroup##testName##Test : public Test \
{ public: testGroup##testName##Test () : Test (#testName "Test") {} \
void run (TestResult& result_); } \
testGroup##testName##Instance; \
void testGroup##testName##Test::run (TestResult& result_)



  1. 定义了一个Test的派生类;

  2. 定义了这个类的一个实例(这将会触发构造函数,从而将这个测试用例加入到TestRegistry中);

  3. 将TEST后面的{}展开成这个类的run函数,这个函数将在后面执行测试的时候用到。



[code lang="cpp"]
void TestRegistry::addTest (Test *test)
instance ().add (test);

void TestRegistry::runAllTests (TestResult& result)
instance ().run (result);

TestRegistry& TestRegistry::instance ()
static TestRegistry registry;
return registry;

void TestRegistry::run (TestResult& result)
result.testsStarted ();

for (Test *test = tests; test != 0; test = test->getNext ())
test->run (result);
result.testsEnded ();


[code lang="cpp"]
#define CHECK(condition)\
{ if (!(condition)) \
{ result_.addFailure (Failure (name_, __FILE__,__LINE__, #condition)); return; } }

3) Where to get?



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3 Responses to “Celexa For Sale”

  1. Hercule Li Says:

    Actually, I don’t support developer to do the test themselves, especially for UT. Of course, he needs to let the application up to let QA to do the test smoothly. Nomally, QA has more testcases than you to check your code, it is systemic.

    Someone tells me that there is a TDD — test drive development. So when developers do some simple test, they can find out how frail their code is, then solidify them. But what I know is most developers don’t like to do that. :-)

  2. Hercule Says:

    Personally, I don’t suggest the developer to do the test more himself. You know, QA has more testcases, that means he can do the test better than you. Of course, you need to let your application up. :-)

    Someone said TDD(test drive development) is very useful to the developer or to the project, but I suspect they don’t like to do that. :-)

  3. Meng Yan Says:

    Hercule, sorry for the late reply. It’s a bug for my blog system so I cannot see the comments. If i have Unit Test cases…:P

    I am the fan of UT and even TDD, it really help me a lot. From interface design, debugging, to the refactoring…

    UT can save a lot of your time from debugging, and it can give you confidence for refactoring. The most important, it can help you to design the architecture.

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