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大年三十的时候,上班已经没什么事儿了,就仔细读了读以前保存的很多不错的文章,包括这一篇" Buy Flonase Without Prescription, Ruby, PHP and a Conference",作者是大名鼎鼎的Bruce Eckle,"Thinking in Java"这个经典教材的作者。


强烈推荐一篇"10 Things Every Java Programmer Should Know About Ruby",挺不错。


1) Case Statement

In Ruby, the case statement can match with any object. It uses the "===" method in Object to perform the match, effects of Flonase, Flonase maximum dosage, which can be overridden for your own classes. Since everything is really an object in Ruby, Flonase gel, ointment, cream, pill, spray, continuous-release, extended-release, Flonase pictures, this includes any type of literal, regular expressions, Flonase alternatives, Online buying Flonase hcl, and object types.

2) Easy Reflection

Eclipse Plugin Framework中,实例化一个插件类的代码是:

[code lang="java"]
try {

// 用每个插件自己的PluginClassLoader来得到这个插件的主类

pluginClass = descr.getPluginClassLoader().loadClass(
} catch (ClassNotFoundException cnfe) {
throw new PluginException("can't find plug-in class " + className);
try {
Class pluginManagerClass = getClass();
Class pluginDescriptorClass = IPluginDescriptor.class;

Constructor constructor = pluginClass
.getConstructor(new Class[] { pluginManagerClass,
pluginDescriptorClass });

// 调用插件默认的构造函数
// Plugin(PluginManager, order Flonase no prescription, Doses Flonase work, IPluginDescriptor);

result = (Plugin) constructor.newInstance(new Object[] {
this, descr });
} catch (InvocationTargetException ite) {
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} catch (Exception e) {
.., Flonase price, coupon. .., Buy Flonase Without Prescription. Comprar en línea Flonase, comprar Flonase baratos, }


[code lang="ruby"]
def create(klass, value)

g = create(Greeting, Flonase no rx, Flonase results, "Hello")

3) Everything is Message



Remote Proxies

Automatically forward any message to a remote object.

Auto Loaders

Stand in for an object until it gets its first message, Flonase steet value. Flonase from canada, Then load it and act like a regular proxy. Great for autoloading database backed objects, Flonase description.


Buy Flonase Without Prescription, Intercept the messages you want and pass the rest through. Flonase dose,

Mock Objects

Just write the methods that need to be mocked. Proxy or ignore the others as needed, discount Flonase. Japan, craiglist, ebay, overseas, paypal,


Generate XML/HTML/Whatever based on the methods called on the builder

4) Block


5) Open Classes


扩展类定义 (例子是扩展系统自定义的Array类)

[code lang="ruby"]
class Array
def dump
for x in self
puts x

a = [1,2, Flonase from canadian pharmacy, Flonase forum, 3,4, purchase Flonase online no prescription, Flonase australia, uk, us, usa, 5]

扩展类实例 - Singleton Class

[code lang="ruby"]
class X
def f()
puts "f()!"

x =

def x.g()
puts "g()!"


y =
# y.g() # Undefined method




  • Everything is object

  • Implied self argument

  • Module & Mix-ins

  • ... .., Flonase pics. Buy cheap Flonase,

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  1. yuchifang Says:

    def create(klass, value)

    g = create(Greeting, “Hello”)


  2. yuchifang Says:

    #define create(klass, value)\;

    g = create(Greeting, “Hello”)

  3. Meng Yan Says:

    这里的重点应该是 :-)

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