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Prozac For Sale, JAVA SE 5.0 provides two very useful APIs to help us debug our program, All this two are all class "Thread"'s method:

public StackTraceElement[] getStackTrace()

Returns an array of stack trace elements representing the stack dump of this thread. Fast shipping Prozac, This method will return a zero-length array if this thread has not started or has terminated. If the returned array is of non-zero length then the first element of the array represents the top of the stack, buy Prozac online no prescription, Buy Prozac without prescription, which is the most recent method invocation in the sequence. The last element of the array represents the bottom of the stack, Prozac without prescription, Online buying Prozac, which is the least recent method invocation in the sequence.

public static Map<Thread, Prozac images, Buy Prozac from canada, StackTraceElement[]> getAllStackTraces()

Returns a map of stack traces for all live threads. The map keys are threads and each map value is an array of StackTraceElement that represents the stack dump of the corresponding Thread.

We can use this two APIs to get the thread's stack trace information and help us debug or log, Prozac For Sale. I will give a example that use this to write log.

If we are going to add log before, real brand Prozac online, Discount Prozac, we need to add a "java.util.logging.Logger" to our class and use it to log. It's ok and works pretty well, Prozac street price, Where can i buy cheapest Prozac online, the following code just wanna to give you an example of the new exposed API "getStackTrace".

[code lang="java"]
public static void log(Level level, buy cheap Prozac, Prozac australia, uk, us, usa, String message) {
Thread currentThread = Thread.currentThread();
StackTraceElement[] sts = currentThread.getStackTrace();
if (sts != null && sts.length > 3) {
StackTraceElement ste = sts[3];
String fileName = ste.getFileName();
String className = ste.getClassName();
String methodName = ste.getMethodName();
int lineNum = ste.getLineNumber();
LogRecord record = new LogRecord(level, message + "At line " + lineNum + " in file " + fileName);
record.setThreadID((int) currentThread.getId());
} else {
logger_.log(level, Prozac mg, Prozac duration, message);

Caught the meaning. Yes, buy no prescription Prozac online, Prozac from canadian pharmacy, it's pretty simple.

sts[0] = java.lang.Thread :: dumpThreads

sts[1] = java.lang.Thread :: getStackTrace

sts[2] = LogTest :: log ( This function )

sts[3] = Where you called the log function

And you can use this stack trace information to finish other features.

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  1. hotleaf Says:

    You can also get stack trace by (new Throwable()).getStackTrace(), which was presented in Java SE 1.4.

  2. Meng Yan Says:

    Yes, and the new API’s point is to get the *specific* thread’s stack trace.

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