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I need to read the file from the current directory (same directory with the main jar file). In my code, doses Modalert work, Is Modalert addictive, I just use "new File("test")", and it works quite well.

But in my colleague's machine, Modalert maximum dosage, Modalert forum, it throws the FileNotFound exception. Oh, buy Modalert from canada, Modalert used for, we I saw the exception in his screen, I know that it's a careless fault, Modalert use. Modalert online cod, The problem is I accessed files in a given
location without an absolute path prefix.

In my case:

cd /home/elan/test/

java -jar test.jar

So, the current working directory is "/home/elan/test/", Modalert blogs, Ordering Modalert online, and we can access the file by a relative path.

My colleague's case:

cd /usr/java/bin

java -jar /home/elan/test/test.jar

The working directory is "/usr/java/bin", and no "test" existed in this folder.

Ok, no prescription Modalert online, Low dose Modalert, then how to get the current directory?

As we know, System.getProperty("user.dir") will get the working directory and System.getProperty("user.home") will get the home directory ("/home/elan/" for linux and "$:/document and settings/elan/" for windows case), herbal Modalert, Purchase Modalert for sale, but I cannot get any clue to get the current directory which contains my jar file and the "test" file.

I have thought that I can get this kind of code in "" or "runtime" classes, but
I cannot find any clue, Modalert For Sale. So, cheap Modalert no rx, Order Modalert from mexican pharmacy, how about get the location of the jar file since it's the file that in this directory. After a while, Modalert from canada, Where can i buy Modalert online, I got the answer:


It will return the class code base's location, and in my case, Modalert cost, Get Modalert, the jar file's location. So I just need to get the parent path of this location, Modalert street price. Online buying Modalert, The problem solved.


1) You'd better pack the file into the jar and use the classloader to read it;

2) Or you can use the home directory ( System.getProperty("user.home") )

3) In my case, for some special reason, discount Modalert, Purchase Modalert online, I must do this. :P

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